Wednesday 24 September 2014

The Hull hog

About a month ago we reviewed some top quality pies from the Hull Pie 2, one of two Hull Pie shops in the Yorkshire city of Hull. We rated them in the highest possible Pierate category - "Highly Recommended". However, we did note at the time that "there were a few more The Hull Pies we still have to rate which didn’t quite score as highly". Sadly, this BBQ Pulled Pork pie is one of them. 

hull pie

While this pie had many elements in common with its high scoring counterparts - the pastry, the colour, the capacity and the cheapness - for me, the filling let it down. I found the strands of pulled pork rather chewy, and the sweetness of the BBQ flavour was rather overbearing. I do like pulled pork, and appreciate it's very hipster fashion at the moment, but for me this filling didn't really work in a pie. My Pierate colleagues also agreed that the filling was sweet, and the richness of the filling meant I had to work quite hard to finish it.

I would happily eat and enjoy other pies in the Hull Pie but, in my opinion, I wouldn't be looking to order this pie again (which is what we often use as the litmus test for a bad pie here at Pierate). It's an inventive flavour, certainly, but too sweet, rich and quite chewy.

Colour: 6
Condition: 4.9
Content: 3
Capacity: 6.3
Chewiness: 3.5
Consistency: 4
Cheapness: 6.7 (£2.50)

Hull Pie BBQ Pulled Pork Pie Review
Score: 4.91/7

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