Sunday 18 January 2015

No.G - Gluten Free Pie

No.G - Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie Review
When SJL came home from the supermarket and presented me with a No.G GF quiche and pie i was really quite excited!! Especially so as it was reduced which in my mind is even better!! We decided to have half quiche and half pie each with our dinner so whipped them in the oven and prepped the veg! They are super quick to cook, taking only 15 mins in the oven which is appealing to me as i get to impatient waiting for food when hungry!!

My first thoughts were that they were well presented - the pie even had writing on the top which is pretty smart! I thought that they were a little on the small side so was glad we had plenty of veg to go with them! First of all i tried the quiche which was amazing!! Maybe its was the fantastic quiche that gave me to high expectations for the pie, but i felt that it wasn't as good as the quiche so maybe i shouldn't have eaten them at the same time!! The pastry was soft, very crumbly and tasted like pastry we make at home, a bit floury. I thought the pastry could be more crispy like the quiche. So onto the filling....I am not sure why but the filling didn't quite win me over. I felt that the chicken could have been in bigger chunks but it did have a nice texture and wasn't at all chewy.  SJL thought there were nice flavours, but a bit bland compared to the quiche. 
Condition – 6 - Looked good with lettering, a bit broken but my fault as it said to keep it flat.
Colour – 5 - A bit pale
Cheapness – 4.75 - £2.80 is a bit expensive.
Capacity – 5.5 – No air gap, well filled. A bit shallow.
Chewiness – 6.5 - Not at all chewy
Content – 4 – Flavor didn’t inspire me.
Consistency – 5.5 - Pastry a bit floury, almost not there, kinda dissolved in the mouth, not in a good way. Good consistency to the filling.

Didn't really blow me away enough that I felt like I would want to pay £2.80 for it. Might try it again, would be keen to try more flavours as this one didn't really work for me, but I didn't think the filling tasted bad, it might be that other people would like it. Give it a go if you like chicken, bacon and leek. I did really like the Quiche but again, I wouldn't pay £2.70 very often, maybe an occasional treat.

Chicken, Bacon & Leek (No.G)

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