Thursday 14 May 2015

Can you find a bargain steak pie in Aldi?

Aldi’s Crestwood Steak Pie and Steak and Kidney Pie Reviews

We were asked recently on twitter if there were any pies under £1 that we would recommend on the Pierate Ship and while there are some boxes of fruit pies that sprung to mind, I struggled to think of any £1 meat pies I’d had that were worth a recommendation, bar the odd Scotch Pie we bought on visits to Scotland. However that doesn’t mean to say it was impossible! After all, we’re looking to find the perfect pie, and if a meat pie tasted great and cost just £1 then it should be very high up in our Pierate Pie Rankings (which now boast over 500 reviews).

The meat pies I had from Aldi on Day One of British Pie Week were just 99p… so could these be the solution to our cheap but tasty meat pie queries?

Aldi Crestwood Steak Pies Review
Aldi Crestwood Steak Pies Review

In a word… No! Unfortunately while there were a few positives to these pies from Crestwood, overall I did not enjoy eating them and would not consider buying them ever again. They were certainly 99p for a reason!

Aldi Crestwood Steak Pies Review
Aldi Crestwood Steak Pies Review
Aldi Crestwood Steak Pies Review
Steak pie content
The pastry, while reasonable looking on top and edible, didn’t take long to become a chore to eat. The side pastry was almost anaemic looking and not tasty. I was unsure how the side pastry could be so pale in comparison to the darker puff pastry lid. However it was the meat content that most let down these pies, with both being quite filled but having very chewy meat and large pieces of gristle. Unfortunately there was only so much of these pies I could withstand, which is not good news for their pie rating! While I know they were value pies, I struggled to find many positives to these pies, even at just 99p. Perhaps the one positive was that they were just about edible, with a nice enough gravy. Just need to improve on the pastry and meat content!

Aldi’s Crestwood Steak Pie
Aldi’s Crestwood Steak and Kidney Pie
Score: 2.21/7
[Colour 2.5, Capacity 3, Consistency 2, Condition 2.5, Chewiness 1, Cheapness 3.5, Content 1, Total: 2.21/7]

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  1. I bought these pies mostly due to the 46% meat content and agree with everything you said. I will add that the gravy was completely tasteless and even though the lid was 'supposed' to be puff pastry it tasted just as manky as the sides. The problem I now have is what to do with the other 4 pies I have left :(

  2. My experience wa completely the opposite. I usually find myself writing to companies to complain about products, but having just enjoyed my Crestwood pie I will be commending Aldi on an excellent product.

    1. Glad to hear it if they've improved their pies. Will have to rate again sometime!

  3. had Crestwood steak pie for lunch or should say gristle pie...
    never again


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