Sunday 12 July 2015

Anyone for tennis... pie? Strawberries and Cream Pie Review

It's a great day for tennis fans - it's the final day of Wimbledon! Which means you should very definitely be eating strawberries and cream - preferably in a pie! That's why we're SERVING you up an ACE pie suggestion which we hope will be a real WINNER!!! Having made a number of reci-pies, check out what our Ship's Cook has been up to in the kitchen this weekend:

Strawberries and cream pie review
Why not serve up one of these beauties?
Strawberries and cream pie review
Just make sure you don't drop (shot) these!
My fellow Pierateers have been their usual busy selves on Twitter during Wimbledon, and, not content with the pastryless Wimbledon classic that is strawberries and cream, they asked whether anyone had found any strawberry and cream pies. I'm not sure whether anyone actually did find any, but it was such a great idea that I had to make some myself!

I searched online for strawberry and cream pie recipes and there were lots of versions, but most of them looked more like cheesecakes than pies. So I decided to just go ahead and make my own!

Strawberries and cream pie review
Will they be a winner with you?
The recipe is very simple - shortcrust pastry cases and lids (make these separately and let them cool down before putting the cream anywhere near them because otherwise you'll end up with a melty disaster!) Then whip some double cream and dice some strawberries and assemble your pies!

Strawberries and cream are, obviously, delicious. It turns out that they are just as delicious in a pie - possibly even more delicious because the crispy pastry works really well with them AND it saves you trying to balance bowls or plates while shouting at the tennis!

They are a bit messy to eat though....

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