Friday 2 October 2015

Our Pie Diet Is Picked Up By National Newspaper

Back in British Pie Week 2014 Pierateer SJL ate pie for every meal in any attempt to show that pies shouldn't be so heavily blamed for our obesity problems, finding that he actually lost weight during the 21 pie meal challenge. You can read the full story of his exploits in the original article. Now this story has been picked up by national newspaper the Daily Star Sunday and can be read on their website. We are pleased to see that the Daily Star Sunday are spreading our message that pies can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Given that a pie can also contain meat, vegetables and carbohydrates, it can be quite a balanced meal in it's own right. We should know, after all, we eat a lot of pies! We hope that this encourages others in the media to stop unfairly associating pies and obesity.

Pierateer RAS had recently been featured in the paper, giving them advice on what makes a good pie as they launched their own pie competition, 'The Great British Pie Off' and in the process bringing their attention to the worlds leading pie review blog!

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