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Having looked on our website and seen just how many pies we've reviewed in our pie rankings, we hope you will get the impression that we know one or two things about pies! In fact, we are flattered to have been called pie experts numerous times.

But all this may leave you wondering how you could get hold of some of this pie wisdom or get your pie rated by the Pierateers? Perhaps you host a radio show or television programme that could do with someone who really knows their pies? Or you need an interview with a pie expert for a magazine or newspaper article? Well help is at hand, as we are happy to rate pies from companies who are willing to provide their pies and will also consider media requests.

For media enquiries, you may wish to see how well we interview by either reading our first interview or watching our first video interview.

If you are from the press please see our article 'Who Rate All The Pies?' for more information or contact us for further enquiries.

If this is something you are interested in – particularly in the lead up to and during British Pie Week (where you won’t be surprised to know we will be very active!) – then do please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss these op-pie-tunities with you! If you wish to have a phone conversation with us, please leave your number in the email you send us and we will try to get in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can contact us via Twitter @pierateers

Most importantly, thank you for your interest in our pie review website and we hope to entertain you with many more pie reviews in the future.

Yours in Pie,

The Pierateers

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    1. We certainly plan to visit Wales again at some point! Where are your pies sold? Will have to add them to Suggest-A-Pie!


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