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The Pierateers have rated a whole host of pies in their time, but since 4th October 2013 we have also had a gluten free pie reviewer aboard the Pierate Ship, in the form of Pierateer ALE. In this time she has reviewed a number of different gluten free pies from a range of different companies and you can see all the gluten free pie reviews here.

Gluten Free Pie Review
Could you tell this was a gluten free mince pie?!
On the Pierate Ship we are proud believers that a gluten free diet does not mean a pie free diet! We're delighted many pie companies are beginning to sell gluten free pies and recognise that gluten free pastry requires great skill and can be more complex than standard gluten pastry, so we want to acknowledge all the hard work put in to produce pies for those who cannot eat gluten. With Pierateer ALE being a coeliac herself, she can judge more finely than one of our gluten eating Pierateers what pies are worth eating and give them a fair score, while still using the 7 Cs of pie rating that we adhere to.

You'll find all the gluten free pies we've rated in our pie rankings list with a "GF" to help identify them, but as there are over 500 pies on that list now, this page gives you some particular pie recommendations for those who like their pies meat or sweet but without the wheat. We hope you find it helpful!

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Did you know? 2015 was the year that the clever team at the British Pie Awards finally recognised the great skill and art required to make a top rated gluten free pie in its very own class, as evidenced by the fact that there was a Free From Pie Class at the British Pie Awards 2015! You can find out more about the awards and this new class in our British Pie Awards 2015 review, but the winner in 2015 was The Biddestone Arms for their ‘Free From Steak and Ale’ pie.

Below we've summarised our top rated gluten free pies in a number of flavours to whet your ap-pie-tite:

Gluten Free Mince Pies

"To summarise, this is a fantastic pie! It doesn't just beat the other mince pies I have scored, it is infact the best shop brought mince pie i have ever tasted, including gluten ones (before I was diagnosed as a coeliac)!! So if you're Gluten Free, or you know someone who is, don't hesitate to go out to Marks and Spencer and buy a box of these shining stars!"

RankPie ProducerPie FlavourScoreByInfo
Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Mince Pie

Gluten Free Pork Pies

"In conclusion, the pastry on these pies is probably gluten free world class! Like nothing I have ever tried before and will probably try again. It was so light, beautifully golden and deliciously tasty. Thank you Foodamentalists."

RankPie ProducerPie FlavourScoreByInfo
Foodamentalists Gluten Free Pork, Venison and Cranberry Pie
Foodamentalists Gluten Free Pork, Black Pudding and Caramelised Onion Pie

Gluten Free Chicken Pies

"My first thoughts were that they were well presented - the pie even had writing on the top which is pretty smart! ... The pastry was soft, very crumbly and tasted like pastry we make at home, a bit floury."

RankPie ProducerPie FlavourScoreByInfo
No. G Gluten Free Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pie

Don't forget you can recommend more gluten free pies for us to rate by leaving a comment below or on our "Suggest-A-Pie" page!

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