Monday 24 May 2010

The age old question: Do pies taste as good in Wales?

So I was across the border this past weekend with a group of mates in Pembrokshire, south Wales. Good fun was had by the lads and the weather was a scorcher! Couldn't resist a cheeky pie on the beach either, but of course the real question to be asked was: Do pies taste as good in Wales?!!

Well, to conduct a fair and representative survey, I not only tried a Steak and Kidney Pukka Pie but also a Mr Kiplings Apple Pie, just to ensure that the control in the experiment (in this case, the pies) were varied but still household names. The only difference was that I was comparing the pies bought in Tenby (Wales) with the pies bought in Birmingham and Buckinghamshire (England). And I can confirm that the Pukka Pie bought in Wales was infact every bit as good as the English counterparts - crisp and crunchy on the top, with a good gravy filling and plenty of meat. The Apple pie was once again a nice blend of fruit and sweet pastry, ticking all the boxes.

So rest assured - and don't let anything else be said - that pies taste just the same in Wales! Now to go visit Scotland...

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