Sunday 23 May 2010

Is it what's on the outside that counts?

Here is one to ponder. What if you made a pie with non standard ingredients, is it still a pie? For example, my fellow pierateers and I have often wondered about making a 'Piezza' which would basically be a pie where the top is actually a pizza. We would be clearly ditching the traditional pastry but it still has an encased filling, should be tasty and would fulfil the ratio of filling to case which sets apart a pie from other pastry based products such as a pasty. Also in urban pie I have definitely seen a 'cottage pie' which had mash potato instead of a classic pastry lid.

My initial instinct is no, these seem to be closely related to pie and although special I feel they would be missing that 'Factor X' where the definition of Factor X is that it is impossible to define. It is mysterious and vague in a kind of real and tangible way. These are certainly closely related beasts but distinct rather like a horse and a zebra. While horses might not be an uncommon sight to many of us, we still go to the zoo to see zebra. Unless you live in Africa and in which case please tell me what zebra pie tastes like.

Anyway, have a look at this.

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