Wednesday 5 May 2010

Saino’s – their values apparently make them different...but do their pies?

Sainsbury’s Blackcurrant And Apple Pie Review

So on going round to a friend’s house recently - who clearly know me very well! - they cracked out a Sainsbury’s Blackcurrant And Apple pie for pudding, served with a cheeky bit of vanilla ice cream. The pie was split into the 3 of us, which was just about right for a decent sized portion. The pastry was lovely and crisp, giving a good chew which complemented the content. While there was perhaps a slightly low filling of apple and blackcurrant, it was certainly still a good mix and would have ticked off at least one of your 5-a-day (which is good going for a pie!)

Sainsburys pie

Being an own-brand, it is significantly cheaper than some of the alternatives, while still being of a good quality due to the Saino’s values which cover many a webpage and shopping aisle. One certainly hopes these values have helped make the pie as good as can be, and I would agree it is well worth a purchase. While the pie’s condition after heating was rather crumbly, this certainly didn’t detract from the great taste and satisfaction of eating a pie with friends. The only drawback is that we didn’t have one each, but had to share!

Sainsbury’s Blackcurrant And Apple Pie [Family Sized]
Score: 4.8/7

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