Sunday 2 May 2010

Every little pie helps

Today's review is of a "Tesco Beef and Onion Pie". It is important to review these supermarket own-brand items, because you may be pleasantly surprised by their quality and relatively low prices. This review is of the normal Tesco pie, as opposed to the Tesco Value Beef and Onion pie which may have to be saved for another day.

I'm sure you'll agree, this pie looks fantastic with a golden brown colour. The pastry looks wonderfully crispy and not too stodgy.

A close-up of the content. Looks great! Filled with tender beef and generous amounts of gravy. The filling:pastry ratio is excellent. I go in for a taste - the filling is succulent and melts on the tongue. I particularly like the pastry too, it does not taste fatty and stodgy but rather light and crunchy. Tesco really have done themselves proud with this beef and onion pie. Just look how great it looks on a plate with some chips! (Please note, this plate does not belong to me and so am not responsible for the spottiness of it!). Would purchase again, if only there weren't so many more pies to try.

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