Tuesday 11 May 2010

Pies - loved around the world!

It may sound like an obvious statement to make, but pies really are loved all over the world! Take for example the complete opposite side of the globe, where a couple of New Zealanders want to show their love and appreciation for bubblegum pie (and what a great shout for a pie flavour that is!) What better way to do it than by mentioning it in a music gig they were playing for several thousand followers of the band 'Flight of the Conchords'! If only they had also sang "Leggy Blonde" which also has the great lyrics: "I love pie!"
The love of pies was truely shared last night, as the songs flowed and plenty of banter was had! If only the muffin anecdote had been about pies too...

Taken from "Albi the racist dragon" by Flight of the Conchords:

So they sat in the cave (the cave!)
And ate bubblegum pie
The racist....
Well, not anymore!

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