Thursday 6 May 2010

Best pie in the house?!

Taking a stroll down Broad Street, Birmingham, with a mate on a recent spring evening, the delights of the Brasshouse pub were too good to avoid. Looking for somewhere nice but affordable to have a meal, ideally one involving a good pie and some curly fries, the Brasshouse pub looked to have covered all the bases. The menu offered a traditional steak and ale pie, along with a fish pie and the one that grabbed my attention – the chicken, bacon and mushroom pie (which was claimed to be a vegetarian pie by my friend – due to the mushroom – but we’ll let her off that!)*

The thoughts of a lovely, creamy sauce in the pie complementing the chicken, bacon and mushroom, immediately filled my thoughts, so you can imagine to my surprise seeing a load of beef gravy on top of the pie, which clearly wouldn’t go with the inner contents. Sadly the pub hadn’t thought to provide a supplementary gravy boat, to add the beef gravy at your own leisure. So not only did the pie taste odd, with the mix of creamy and beefy sauces, but it also made the curly fries slightly soggy! Disgraceful – I know! Fortunately for the pub’s reputation, I will let this go slightly in my review as the pie taste is the main thing. Once you got past the beef gravy layer, the actual pie itself was very good. Only slightly too pastry-ey and a good content. Would probably eat there again, but just ask to refrain from the beef gravy on top (or ask to have it separately). And the best thing about the meal was that my friend kindly offered to pay for the pie, as a belated birthday present, so it was by far the cheapest pie I’ve ever eaten! (although it wasn’t a badly priced meal even if I had paid!)

Score: 4.3/7

*Admittedly this part of the review is slightly untrue – she (who will remain anonymous for fear of getting a punch next time we meet up) actually wondered why the chicken salad was vegetarian, before realising the chicken part, and this lead to me teasing about whether she thought my pie was also vegetarian due to the mushroom. But saying all that wouldn’t have been half as funny! :P

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