Monday 31 May 2010

Tesco Apple Pies – do they need a little more help?

The old slogan goes - “every little helps”. But when you eat a sweet pie from Tesco, have they helped enough? Is it crammed with filling? Is it the right sweetness? Or do they need a little more help in making their pies simply the best?

Well, tucking into my Tesco apple pie gives me a chance to compare this store own brand to the professionals choice of the exceedingly good apple pies made by Mr Kipling. On first glance, it looks fine if slightly over-sugary on the top. It's a good effort in the design, with a cheeky apple on top, even if it is an own brand.

Once a bite has been taken, it certainly has a good capacity and amount of filling and you certainly wouldn’t say no to eating another one, but unfortunately the first thought is definitely “overly-sweet”. It does detract a bit from the nice apple taste, with the filling and sugary coating on the pastry giving it an overly sweet edge. You would hope that a little less sugar would definitely help the pie out and make it even better.

Score: 4.5/7

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