Tuesday 1 June 2010

If ONLY there was a fast food restaurant dedicated to pies.....

It’s not hard to find a McDonalds, Burger King or KFC lining the High Street or out-of-town retail park. But let’s face it – none of them are the pie capital of Britain. And you could argue that the local chip shop never has the range of pies that you truly desire for a change, even if pukka pies do provide consistent pie quality. But what if you want a bit more class in your pie?

Well fear not guys, for the great minds behind Urban pie have spotted a niche in the market place for some top quality, but fairly reasonably priced, pies. Their motto says it all:

“At urban pie our passion is to create gourmet, handmade pies, deep filled with the finest ingredients...enjoy!”

Such a great variety of pies, including specialising at Christmas (roast dinner pie) or the mashed potato covered cottage pie – they seem to have everything covered! And with half price pies after 5pm, surely it’s gotta be a winner with the Birmingham public...and now Leicester too! Surely it won’t be long till global domination. You heard it here first!

To see a list of all the Urban Pies we have reviewed see our Pies Categorised page!

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