Saturday 19 June 2010

A pie to get behind the lads with?!

So with the FIFA World Cup 2010 in full swing, what better way to support the lads than to get a World Cup pie on the day of England-Algeria. And Firkins (the west midlands bakery) were offering a special pie offer for all the lads. In fact, the World Cup pie offer had been spotted earlier in the week, but the reporter had waited until the day of the second England game to enjoy the pie and a winning performance from the lads.

firkins pie
So you will join me in being aggrieved that – just like the England performance later that evening – the build up was huge but this was potentially the worst performance I’d ever seen! While at first sight it looked like a nice, golden pie ready to take away those lunchtime hunger pains, it did in fact turn out to be a major league let-down.
firkins pie
Firstly, the pie wasn’t really sold hot or cold – in my view it was luke warm, as it had been left in a heater cupboard for too long at a low temperature. Secondly, the content was not lovely chunks of steak in a nice runny gravy, but was instead this gooey, disgusting mix of lukewarm meaty/gravy gloop which, in my opinion, did not taste good in the slightest. The only saving point for the pie was its golden pastry, but even this was not enough to make it possible for the reviewer to finish the pie. I thought it really was that bad. 

Score: 1/7

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