Sunday 17 June 2012

The Great British Bramley by Tesco

Tesco Bramley Apple Pie Review

When a type of apple has its own website, you know you’re branching out in the right direction. So while I’ve been rooting around, leaving nothing to chance, I’ve found a lot of information about the contents of our latest pie review. Don’t worry - I’ve not gone barking mad, but I've got to the core of the issue, and yes, you’ve probably twigged by now: I’m talking about the humble Bramley Apple.

Tesco bramley apple pieAnd what an apple it is! A mainstay in many a great apple pie, the Bramley Apple (circa 1809) has become firmly rooted as a fan’s favourite in the sweet pie world. So it’s great to see Tesco getting on board with their Tesco Bramley Apple Pie! And as it says on the box, it really does contain juicy chunks of Bramley apple in a delicious sweet apple sauce. I had my pie with evaporated milk and it was very nice. The short crust pastry was lovely and crunchy and the apple sauce was particularly good. While not blown away, it was a very reasonable pie and I would certainly commend it. Good work, Bramley!

Tesco Bramley Apple
Score: 4.8/7



  1. Ahh, I had bought this one to review! The early bird catches the pie review I guess. I love the first paragraph, there has been a bit of a lack of pun heavy reviews recently...

  2. I've just learned that Bramleys are only grown in Britain, how does the rest of the word get by?


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