Thursday 12 July 2012

15,000+ page views as the Pierateers hone in on 100thPieReview


Yes, it cannot go unmarked that on 5th July the pie rating blog received its 15,000th page view, and continues to grow. (We were clearly so busy eating pies we sadly were a week late noticing it ourselves!) Spurred on by knowing they are so close to gaining their landmark 100th Pie Review (from here on in, know as #100thPieReview), the Pierateers are continuing to eat and review every pie they can get their gravy soaked hands on. And the business ideas are already flowing for the creation of pierate merchandise, with a new logo from the Pierateers set to be launched when the 100th Pie Review is done. Keep your eyes on the pies and be sure to come back soon to the World's most popular pie rating blog!

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