Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Steak Pie’s Soak-ay

Many have guessed at why The Soak has acquired its name, but right in the heart of Selly Oak (S. Oak...Soak...) it certainly provides a nice friendly place to meet friends and have a pie. I went for the classic option – Steak pie. As you can see from the photo, it came with mash, peas and a gravy boat. The mash was not too appetising it had to be said, but the pie was certainly a whole lot better. The pastry was golden and not too thick, and the meat and gravy was pretty decent. It was odd being given a half-slice of pie, as it did make me wonder who had taken the other half, but it was a decent enough pie. Nothing to write home about, but certainly okay.

Steak Pie – The Soak, Bristol Road, Birmingham (B29 6AF)
Score: 4.15/7


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