Thursday 12 July 2012

Are You... Local?

It is great to see that these days people are buying more local food. We have become conscious of the ridiculous journeys our food sometimes makes to the supermarkets. For example the story of Scottish chicken being taken on a 1,000 mile round trip to be processed. This is a case of the environmental costs being ignored and is not sustainable in a world where we have limited resources and a growing population. There is also the important fact that local food tends to be fresher and taste better! Local Roots in High Wycombe specialises in satisfying this taste for food and drink where a trip to the country of origin wouldn't require a passport.

I got hold of a Fruity Pork pie for £3 from their store which can be sold hot or cold. I was skeptical about such a flavour at first because I don't tend to like mixing sweet and savory food. However I was caught off guard by a completely unexpected flavour sensation! I would describe it more as a Spicy Pork pie. It had flavours that reminded me of a mince pie. There was a definite aniseed type flavour which might have been fennel. It was hard to identify what the other spices might have been. In addition there was onion to keep the pork company. This might all sound a bit strange but it just about worked as there was as much spice as there could be without it being too overpowering. The pork was tender and the pastry was melt in the mouth. There was not much gravy but the pie was moist enough without it. It is great to see such originality in this twist to a winning formula. Having said that, I wouldn't put it on my 'desert island pies' list as it goes so close to being overwhelming in its intensity. But as a Pierateer, although eating lots of pies is always a pleasure, it is too often a case of 'pie by numbers' so this pie was a breath of fresh air and the experience is recommended.

Fruity Pork (Local Roots - HP13 6LJ)


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