Monday 31 December 2012

Forget the Christmas Pudding! I want Aldi Pie!

Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Apple (with Sultanas) Pie Review

When my old uni friend Dan suggested bringing Apple Pie, alongside Christmas Pudding, for our “277 Dawlish” Christmas meal together, my immediate thought was “forget the Christmas Pudding!” But for the good of the non-Pierateers in attendance at the meal, I thought I best not be too pie-ased with my favouritism for pie. (Apparently some people do eat other puddings now and then?!)

Aldi Apple Pie ReviewSo with all the visitors – “Andy”, Dan and Mandy, James, Jeremy, Mark, Seth and Stu (and Barnaby via text) – having tucked into the Melon starter and Roast Turkey dinner, it was time to bring on (and somehow find room for) the pie and custard. A quite massive “Specially Selected Luxury Apple Pie” was brought out, having been cooked for a good 45 minutes on low heat, so it was piping hot and golden in colour – perfect condition for a Pierateer. The pastry itself ranged from quite a thick crisp outer crust to a slightly soggier central pastry lid. The apple was in quite large chunks but was very tasty and soft to cut through. The mix of pastry and apple – with the odd sultana thrown in for good measure – was delightfully balanced content. The capacity couldn’t have been any greater, with no room for air in this pie! Serving at least 12, it was a great sized pudding too. My main criticism is that the central pastry was a bit too soggy, but overall the feedback from myself (and my distinguished guests) was that this really was a luxurious pie. Just next time, I’ll try not to make the error of having such a large portion of dinner beforehand!

Aldi Apple Pie Review
Aldi Apple Pie Review

Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Apple (with Sultanas) Pie
Score: 6.05/7

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