Sunday 23 December 2012

Is it a McPie? - The McDonald’s Festive Chocolate Pie

McDonald's Festive Chocolate Pie
McDonald's Festive Pie
I’m sure most of our avid readers have read our critique of the McDonald’s Apple Pie (UKedition). In fact, at 863 page views and counting, it’s our most popular article. But here at pierate we can’t hold a grudge – and more importantly, daren’t miss out on a potentially good pie. Which is why, in this festive period, with goodwill to all pie manufacturers, I couldn’t resist the chance for a new potential pie flavour. Could the McPastry department have realised the error of their ways? Had they taken on a new Head of McPastry and gone for an actual pie this time? The golden arches beckoned me in for a festive McDonald’s Orange Flavour Chocolate Pie...

I’m going to have to cut to the chase here. It wasn’t a pie. Nice dessert – yes. A nice orange flavoured chocolate filling – precisely. Worth having again – for sure. But was it a pie?!?!?! Sadly not.

McDonald's Chocolate Pie...aparently
Orange flavoured chocolate filling pastry (it's not a pie!)
Alas, in this season to be jolly, I’m afraid to say I jolly well won’t be going to McDonalds for my pie fix this festive time! But the idea of a chocolate, let alone orangey chocolate filling, does sound pretty epic to me. Here’s hoping someone creates a proper chocolate pie to enjoy – perhaps someone can add that to their New Year’s Resolution list?

From everyone aboard the Pierate ship - Merry Christmas everyone!


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