Tuesday 5 February 2013

Pierate January Newsletter

January has been an extraordinary month of broken records here at the Pierate Ship:
  • Most page views in a month - EVER!
  • Most posts in a month - EVER!
  • Highest rated pie - EVER!
  • Unofficial world record for people eating and reviewing a pie at the same time
Yes, we smashed our previous monthly page views by over 600, with the final page view tally clocking in at 1,754. This would largely tie in with the commencement of the Pierate @pierateers Twitter account. So thank you to everyone that has visited www.pierate.co.uk, and everyone who has followed us and retweeted us on Twitter. We also broke our personal best with 13 posts per month, breaking the previous record of 12 posts in March 2011. This is a very positive sign that the Pierate Ship is accelerating at a rate of knots. We won't stop until we've tried every pie under the sun!

We also reviewed our highest ever scoring pie. The Steak and Guinness Pauls Pie scored a very impressive 6.73 out of 7, beating the previous high scorer by 0.03. Well done Pauls Pies, it was an excellent pie!

If that wasn't all enough, we also attempted to set a world record for people eating and reviewing a pie at the same time. Admittedly we weren't sure if there had been any previous attempts at this record, but we're pleased to announce that we're going to claim an unofficial world record of 7 people eating and reviewing this Tesco Apple and Blackberry pie at the same time (and we fed the pie to about 90 people all in all).

What else has happened aboard the Pierate Ship in January?
Pierate has gone from strength to strength this month, and we are all taking to the blog with renewed vigor.  Sometimes it is hard to balance writing for the blog with other duties (which some might say were a bit more important, like work etc), but it is always a pleasure to eat a lovely pie and let the world know. Thank you for joining us. We'd really appreciate any input you have on how to improve Pierate, suggestions for pies, your own reviews etc etc. If you haven't followed us on Twitter, please join us @pierateers! And please let others know about this little pie rating blog we call Pierate!

Best wishes for a pros-pie-rous February,  
All at Pierate HQ.

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