Thursday 21 February 2013

Lifting the lid on Sainsbury’s standard fruit pies

Sainsbury’s Bramley Apple and Blackcurrant Pie Review

When the lid comes clean off your pie upon lifting it from the foil, you do have to ask a few questions about the quality of the pie in question. When the lid comes clean off several people’s pies in quick succession, that’s when the alarm bells start ringing! However, despite this obvious design flaw and a slightly larger air to filling ratio than would be ideal, the standard range of Sainsbury’s Bramley Apple and Blackcurrant pies were appetising and nicely fruity. The pastry was crisp and the fruit mix tasted good, if a bit sweet. All in all, a nice addition to the snacks on offer with friends at Church homegroup!

Oh, and fortunately I managed to find one pie where the lid remained on for the photo below!

Sainsbury's Apple & Blackcurrant Pie

Sainsbury’s Bramley Apple and Blackcurrant Pie
Score: 4.15/7

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  1. It looks a lot better thanks to the high quality tablecloth background.

  2. Yeah, it does bring out the juice of the berries a fair bit more than any non-spotty pink table cloth (other pink table cloths are available). For those who like games such as "Where's Wally?", I challenge you to find the other pie review photo that contains said pink spotty table cloth!


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