Sunday 19 May 2013

Alen! Alen! Alen's Fish and Chips! Beef and Onion Pie

Alen's Fish and Chips Beef and Onion Pie Review

Sometimes getting lost can be quite fortuitous. I got lost leaving the office the other day. Slightly bizarre given the amount of times I'd left the office and walked the same route, but the mind does do some strange things sometimes (I suppose you could say writing for a pie review blog is also one of those strange things). Anyway, after I'd come round from my temporary stupor and realised I was walking toward Holborn rather than Kings Cross, I found myself outside Alen's Fish and Chip shop. Not that amazing, you might say, given the abundance of fish and chip shops in London, but this one was different - it sold pies that didn't look like Pukka Pies. What's more, once inside, the man behind the counter told me they were handmade. Great!

Despite being homemade, they still came in the typical flavours of chicken and vegetable, and beef and onion. I ordered a beef and onion pie. Here is the said beef and onion pie.

Beef and onion pie
Beef and Onion Pie

I have to admit, it's been a little while since I actually ate this pie (there have been several other pie-related commitments I've had to attend to since then), so I can't totally remember the price, but I believe it was around the £2-£2.50 mark. Yes, let's say £2.25 - but don't quote me on that. Anyway, it was a reasonable price and what you'd expect for a chip shop pie. Let's open up the pie!

Pretty standard contents here again for a beef and onion pie. If it weren't for the original-looking pastry, I'd have doubts as to whether this was actually a handmade pie. It tastes pretty much like every other beef and onion pie I've ever eaten. There really nothing special here. It's a plain, standard beef and onion pie if you ever saw one. If an alien came to Earth and you wanted to show it the most typical beef and onion pie, you could show it this and be happy. The pastry was a little thin and a bit papery. I was uninspired, but I left Alen's happy and content with this reasonably priced, but more-than-a-bit boring, pie.

Alen's Fish and Chips Beef and Onion Pie
Score 4.7/7

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