Wednesday 15 May 2013

Pieminister Pie Review - Big Cheese

Pieminister Pie Review - Big Cheese

So I had the Big Cheese from Pieminister. Now, I'm normally a huge fan of Pieminister, but I really did not enjoy this pie. Marketed as "West country cheddar, garlic cream cheese and buttered onions", the combination of richness got the better of me and I felt it was just altogether too cheesy and rich. I'm not a fan of cheese and onion crisps at the best of times, and to me this was just another level of saltiness. In terms of quality of pastry, capacity and chewiness, I could not find fault. But the taste was not to my liking. Very rich and salty. And at £6 for mash and pie, it was quite pricey for what was actually a DNF (did not finish). Perhaps if you're a fan of cheese and onion, you might like this pie. For me, it was very rich.

Pieminister Big Cheese
Score: 3.4/7

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  1. I Love this Pie! It's like dauphinoise potatoes in a Pie! : )


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