Tuesday 27 August 2013

The gift of a Tesco Steak Pie

Tesco Pie Review for their individual Steak Pie

It’s lovely to receive gifts. And better still, to receive the gift of pie! So after a busy period at work, what a delight to find on my desk a thank you card, some chocolate and – most intriguingly – a pie to eat and review, as a thank you for the work I’d done. Of course there was a slight catch... my colleagues wanted me to post up the review of the pie ASAP on www.pierate.co.uk! But they know me well enough to know that wouldn’t be a problem! So a big thank you to Anne, Claire, Millie and Rhiannon for the generous pie gift, which was an individual Tesco Steak Pie.

Pie gift
Thank you pie!
Tesco Steak PieThe question is, how did the pie rate? Well the pie came out of the oven a dark golden brown colour, with crisp flaky puff pastry on top. There was a nice crisp cut through the top pastry which highlighted a decent capacity as the steak pieces oozed out of the pie. As quite a shallow pie you would expect a decent capacity – though it would be more pleasing to have a slightly deeper pie – however it was good to see plenty of steak and no other content to pack out the filling. The steak was very tender, which was good to see for a lower cost pie (who often suffer from poorer quality meat), though the steak was a bit chewy in places. The gravy complimented the steak well, though the “rich glossy gravy” quote on the packaging feels a little extravagant for what was provided. The main drawback was a slightly soggy bottom to the pie, detracting from the condition as the short crust pastry was slightly soft. While it didn’t affect the flavour too strongly and meant the pie wasn’t dry (in my opinion, a far worse crime!), it did let down a rather pleasing value pie.

All in all, while too small and shallow to make a proper dinner, this was a decent snack pie at a very decent price (even if paying for it, rather than it being a gift!), a great little pie gift for your pie loving friends.

Tesco Steak Pie
Score: 4.75/7


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