Thursday 7 March 2013

Making a racquet for the NIA Badminton Apple Pie

Birmingham National Indoor Arena Apple Pie Review

With the world’s top badminton players descending on Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena for the Yonex All England Badminton Championships 2013, it would be a crime not to share Britain’s top pastry product with the visiting world. The fact that the Badminton Championships always coincide with British Pie Week make it an absolute certainly that pie must be served! And the smashing news is that Apple Pie made it on the menu today, providing a top English pudding when all the English Badminton players were sadly struggling to live up to expectations. But let’s not court controversy by over-hyping this apple pie: while it was a tactical display of crunchy apple and crisp short crust pastry, we certainly shouldn’t get carried away that it would be winning the title of pie of the week at the end of the tournament.

NIA Apple Pie
NIA's Apple Pie at the Yonex All England Badminton
For while the serving was packed with chunky apple content and the pastry was on the whole very crisp and tasty, there were a few service faults. Firstly, the apple did not taste particularly fresh and was unnecessarily over-sweetened in my opinion (this may have been a side effect of being sliced up and left in a refrigerated unit for a while). This meant the apple filling was not as delightful as I have experienced in other apple pies recently, which was a shame because the pastry on the whole was very crisp and tasty. There were a few patches of slightly soggy base pastry, but on the whole the pastry was good. It was just the overly crisp and sweet apple filling that let this mixed pair down.

It must however also be acknowledged that the NIA cafe do a great job of providing me my fix of pie during British Pie Week year in, year out (for example, who can forget when British Pie Week fever hit the NIA in 2011?!) While there is a bit of room for improvement in their apple pie, there’s nothing there that a few hours on the practice court wouldn’t fix!

Birmingham National Indoor Arena Apple Pie
Score: 4.2/7


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