Tuesday 22 April 2014

Co-operate with Rhubarb

Co-operative - Rhubarb Pie Review The Co-op seem to have been going through a difficult time recently with problems with their banking division and falling profits elsewhere. By contrast Rhubarb has seen a resurgence recently with many touting the health benefits of this unusual vegetable. Perhaps a Co-operative Rhubarb pie review on the leading pie review website might be just the postive publicity that Co-op needs? Especially when this pie comes as the very first pie in the Pierate 'pie for every meal' challenge during British Pie Week.

See the pie being eaten in a 'five-a-day in one meal' combo for Breakfast in the video log for Day One of the challenge.

Despite the whole pie being eaten at once this was not a small pie, it could have comfortably served a few people for desert. It didn't have an excessively large crust like the ASDA Rhubarb pie we reviewed recently (you wait so long for a rhubarb pie review and then two in one month...). It was a decent Colour and Condition and looked much more appealing than the ASDA effort. I quickly realised that it was just too thin to get a really high score, there was a poor Capacity. The filling had a classic baked rhubarb taste with enough sugar to prevent it being too sour. Rhubarb is always a strange flavour, I always find it odd to eat a sweet pie with a vegetable in rather than a fruit. However, it is a homely flavour and works well in a pie. The pastry was good, crumbly and sweet, but not too sweet. Despite the fact that I ate far too much of this pie, I wasn't fed up of it by the end which must have been a good sign that the pie wasn't all that bad. At £1 this is a pie I would buy again although I may share it next time!

Rhubarb (Co-operative)


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