Wednesday 21 May 2014

Greggs - More Than Meats The Pie

At Pierate we are generally quite confused and annoyed by Greggs the Baker. National chain, they are everywhere but why don't they sell more pies! What a waste of shelf space giving it to pasties and slices! But, interestingly we have managed to find a Greggs pie being sold frozen in Iceland. Now we know why Greggs don't normally sell pies, it was pretty poor, not good value at all. This pie was eaten for breakfast on Day Six of British Pie Week as part of SJL's pie for every meal challenge. See the video below for the review.

More than meats the pie? Not really, it was as bad as it looked. The bits of meat were small but still somehow managed to be chewy. It was far too shallow, perhaps because Greggs only know how to make slices. At £2.50 for a 250g (small) pie this is best avoided. Unless of course you are interested in the high calorie count (800 kcal) or the undisclosed high salt content.

greggs pie

Condition - 4.5 out of 7
Colour - 4 out of 7
Cheapness - 1 out of 7
Capacity - 2 out of 7
Chewiness - 1 out of 7
Content - 2 out of 7
Consistency - 1 out of 7

Minced Beef & Onion (Greggs)


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