Saturday 17 May 2014

Cold Pie is Cold Comfort

Welsh Pantry - Steak & Kidney Pie Review

During British Pie Week I ate pie for every meal, sorry to keep banging on about it but it was a lot of pies and consequently it seems like I might be writing up pie reviews from that week for some time to come, so please bear with me. For Breakfast on Day Two and Day Three I had meat pies from The Welsh Pantry. I chose these because they could be eaten cold and they only had 533 kcal per pie. Have a look at the videos to see my thoughts.

Condition - 3.5 out of 7 - These pies were unfortunately a bit squashed.
Colour - 3.1 out of 7 - A bit pale for my liking.
Cheapness - 6 out of 7 - £2.19 from a little newsagents in Exeter, at just 73p each this is great value.
Capacity - 3.5 out of 7 - Quite shallow and a bit of a pastry overhang meant that these pies missed out on the optimum pastry to filling ratio.
Chewiness - 4.2 out of 7 - Generally the puff pastry slid down well although it was a little greasy. The meat wasn't really chunky enough to be chewy, just one chewy bit in the 3rd pie in the pack.
Content - 4.1 out of 7 - Pleasant enough, as stated before it tasted just like a Ginsters slice, nothing ground breaking. Not much of a kidney taste.
Consistency - 3 out of 7 - The separate parts of this pie seemed to fit together well as a product. However, the pies were not consistently well filled, as shown in the video the second one had hardly any filling at all. The other two were better.

In summary I think pies like this do have a place because they can be eaten cold. This does make them very convenient and I could see myself buying it again despite not having a very high score. Why are pies not available in the same way that slices are as a cold snack on the move?

Steak & Kidney (Welsh Pantry)


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