Sunday 23 August 2015

#GrillAPierateer - your chance to quiz the Pierateers!

Have you ever had a pie question you'd love answered, but not known who to ask? Or eaten a pie and wished you could talk to someone about it? Or even read one of our pie reviews and wanted to find out more? Well now's your chance, as we launch:

The idea is simple - we would like 10 questions to answer for a vlog that we'll be producing and adding to the PierateShip youtube account in the next few weeks. But we don't want 10 boring questions that we could come up with ourselves! Oh no! We want 10 quirky pie questions from you - the fans and readers of Pierate Pie Reviews!

Suggestions might be:

- What was it really like eating Nice Pie's Squirrel pie?
- How does it feel knowing your Pierate video interview on Shrimps Player has got more views on youtube than the one they did with Match of the Day pundit Mark Lawrenson?! (236 v 86 - as of 22/8/15)
- Is there any pie filling you would never eat?!

Hopefully that's ins-pie-red you somewhat, so either tweet us a question, add a comment below or even email us on if you have a pielemma you need fixing or a question that only a pie expert could answer! We'll collate them, choose the 10 quirkiest and most interesting and then create a vlog soon for your viewing pieleasure!

The BBC's pie expert - Pierateer Rob - will then take the hotseat and answer your questions the best he can next Bank Holiday weekend, so you have until 7pm on Friday 28th to get your questions in! I look forward to reading them!

Pierateer Rob on BBC hit show Rip Off Britain recently

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