Tuesday 8 March 2016

Ways2EatPie #2 - Pie Kebab

The second edition of Pierateer SJL's challenge to review a pie in a new way on every day of British Pie Week 2016. This challenge uses Steak & Ale 'canapies' from Square Pie.

Yes I was quite dismissive of these pies when I previously reviewed them but I found them much better this time around. They were better filled which is very important with a small pie like this. They are convenient for occasional pie need such as putting them on a stick or a pie-cnic but in general I would stick to the full sized version rather than eating a whole box of these.

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Steak & Ale Canapie (Square Pie)
Score: 3.90/7
[Condition 3.50, Colour 4.70, Cheapness 3.80, Capacity 3.10, Chewiness 4.10, Content 4.60, Consistency 3.50] 


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