Friday 11 March 2016

Pieminister Saag Pie-neer

Pieminister were kind enough to send me a box of six of their veggie pies, including their new Saag-Pie-neer.

I was rather excited to try this pie, as when I have a curry I often opt for a paneer dish. It's rather tasty stuff.  If you don't know what it is, its essentially cheese, though I personally think it is more similar to tofu, but creamier. It has a bland flavour which makes it perfect with curry spices as it absorbs the flavours nicely, just like tofu.

As you can see the pie has a really nice golden colour. I decided to have onion bhaji and chutney on the side, which was a very good choice and I highly recommend it. The chutneys in particular complemented the dry pastry well.

The pie was absolutely packed with filling- lovely soft chunks of paneer, small cubes of potato, spinach, peas and a little bit of tomato. All were soft and not at all chewy. It had a mildly spicy flavour, the sort that keeps your mouth warm after you have swallowed without burning any of your taste buds off. It is advertised as containing mango, but I didn't taste any.

As the pasty, though thin was crispy, and the sauce was thick, this pie is possible to eat by hand. Yes, I did try it! But it was also lovely breaking off bits of pastry and dipping them in the chutney. It had a really nice authentic curry taste too it. I really enjoyed it. I was sent two of these and it is such a shame that GHH can't have one as it contains potato (and he is intolerant!) so I guess I will just have to eat the second one myself. Shame.

5.9/7 ARL

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