Thursday 10 March 2016

Ways2EatPie #4 - Pie at Night

It is getting late but this hasn't stopped Pierateer SJL from meeting his #PiePledge to bring you a pie review every day of British Pie Week 2016. However, as it is late we find that SJL has already gone to bed. The pie he has chosen to review is a Scotch Pie from a quality frozen food specialist, see the video below.

At the incredible price of only 23.2p each these pies are punching above their weight, but only just. If you are really short on cash it is better than any other similarly priced pies I have had but don't expect too much, Scotch pies are normally cheap anyway and these are quite small.

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Beef Scotch Pie (Duncan McGregor)
Score: 3.79/7
[Condition 3.10, Colour 3.00, Cheapness 6.10, Capacity 3.60, Chewiness 4.00, Content 3.20, Consistency 3.50] 


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  1. your easy pleased if you think these are quality pies you would be better off thowing the pies in thebin and eating the box. scotch pies made cirrectly are a very good quality pie made with minced lamb not beef and chicken sludge


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