Tuesday 6 March 2018

British Pie Week 2018 - Day Two

With British Pie Week 2018 now in full swing, what more motivation do you need?! Grab a pie, make a pie, tweet your #PiePledge. You may have already read our article "Everything you need to know about British Pie Week" but either way, here’s some things you can do this British Pie Week:

You can follow the Pierateers on Twitter and find out how our #PiePledges are going!
You can read about pies.
You can choose a pie (we have well over 600 pies reviewed in our rankings table!)
You can think up some puns for the Pie Dictionary!
You can suggest a pie you’ve enjoyed.

As for the Pierateers, we are ready and waiting for probably the biggest British Pie Week yet! We've made Pie Pledges for this week in our Friday Pieday Pie Week Special, showing our commitment to pie, plus this year the British Pie Awards 2018 are once again taking place in British Pie Week! We'll be there as media to cover the event and Pierateer Sam will be judging again.

So whatever you do, go crazy for pie this British Pie Week! Enjoy!

This article will be updated throughout the day/week, so do check back for what we've been up to!

Pierateer RAS

I've made four #PiePledge commitments this British Pie Week, which are the following:

1) One or more pies eaten every day
2) 2 days of annual leave taken to eat, rate and tweet about pies (one of which was Friday just gone, in pre-pie-ration and to get some pies delivered for pie week!)
3) Organise a pie night - which is what is happening on Tuesday evening in Birmingham!
4) Live blog the British Pie Awards

Radfords Pie Company Review
Radfords Pie Company
Venison (l) and Beef in Red Wine
So far I have taken a day off work last Friday to get pies from Radfords Pie Company delivered, which I ate on Day One and reviewed late on Tuesday evening. However Tuesday's pie would come in the form of the legendary Pieminister pie shop, as we held our "Pierateer Takeover" of their Birmingham store!

You can find out more in our article about our Birmingham Pie Night, which we held after work from 5:30-7:30pm, and a full review will follow soon. But for now check out our @pierateers twitter feed for updates of our pie night or a few photos below. Thanks to everyone who came for making it a great night!!

Birmingham Pierate Takeover Photos:

Pierateer Rob at Pieminister Pie Night
Pierateer Rob at the Pieminister Pie Night

See what the Pierateers have been up to this British Pie Week in our daily Pie Diary articles (added and updated throughout the week):

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