Saturday 10 March 2018

British Pie Week 2018 - Day Five

The results of the 10th annual British Pie Awards are the headline of Day Five of British Pie Week. We were delighted to be able to judge and provide media coverage of the Pie Awards with friend of the blog Ben (who was judging for the first time) and would like to officially congratulate Turners Pies on taking home the Supreme Champion award this year! More details below and a full summary of all the results will be coming next week!

As always there is a summary of each day of Pie Week at the bottom of this article and on our dedicated British Pie Week page. Enjoy!

This article will be updated throughout the day/week, so do check back for what we've been up to!

Pierateer RAS

I've made four #PiePledge commitments this British Pie Week, which are the following:

1) One or more pies eaten every day
2) 2 days of annual leave taken to eat, rate and tweet about pies (one of which was Friday just gone, in pre-pie-ration and to get some pies delivered for pie week!)
3) Organise a pie night - which happened on Tuesday evening in Birmingham!
4) Live blog the British Pie Awards

British Pie Awards 2018
Ben, Pierateer Rob and Pierateer Sam at the British Pie Awards 2018
With hundreds of you following our live blog of the British Pie Awards 2018 - Live! on Wednesday, it's clear that there's an ap-pie-tite for top pies and knowing who will be crowned the Supreme Champion out of the 960 pies that were rated on Wednesday! So without further ado, we are delighted to announce that the winner of the British Pie Awards 2018 is Turner's Pies Steak and Ale pie with Highland Top Rump and Dark Ale.

The news was unveiled by the Evening Standard online this year as the British Pie Awards twitter feed didn't do a class-by-class unveil or even post about who had won as Supreme Champion! We're grateful to Gareth from Dubs Pies for unveiling the winning shot on his twitter later Friday evening:

And after their win yesterday, Turner's Pies immediately set their eyes on another award - this time becoming the number 1 pie on Pierate!

After an oven failure unfortunately meant we never got to rate the pies we obtained from Turners a few years ago, we certainly need to get our hands on them now following their Supreme Champion win! We'll make that arrrrghhh mission in the coming months!!

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