Saturday 10 March 2018

British Pie Week 2018 - Day Six

With the results of the 10th annual British Pie Awards making the headlines on Day Five of British Pie Week, Day Six was a far more relaxed affair! However we were delighted to find out on the Friday that the British Pie Awards class winner in the Taste of Game "Game Pie" class was none-other than Stanbury Wild Game Pies, who we had arranged earlier in the week to obtain a box of game pies from to enjoy this weekend! Find out more below!

As always there is a summary of each day of Pie Week at the bottom of this article and on our dedicated British Pie Week page. Enjoy!

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British Pie Awards Game Pies
Judging the Speciality Meats and Game Pies

Pierateer RAS

I've made four #PiePledge commitments this British Pie Week, which are the following:

1) One or more pies eaten every day
2) 2 days of annual leave taken to eat, rate and tweet about pies (one of which was Friday just gone, in pre-pie-ration and to get some pies delivered for pie week!)
3) Organise a pie night - which happened on Tuesday evening in Birmingham!
4) Live blog the British Pie Awards

As mentioned yesterday, all bar the eating of pies each day of British Pie Week had been completed and I was very excited to get pie rating some top game pies from Stanbury Wild Game Pies for the next two days! The two I had for lunch today were a Pheasant and Cider pie and a Venison and Mushroom pie. Both trade for £3 on market stalls or £3.50 on the Stanbury Wild Game Pies website, which for a game pie I thought was very reasonable!

Both were well packed with meat, especially the pheasant pie due to it not containing the mushroom that the venison pie had. Both pies were crisp on the lid pastry (though a little paler and softer on the side and base) with a moist, succulent filling. They had what I'd describe as more of a thick sauce than a gravy inside them both, which added to the flavour even if it wasn't quite as runny a consistency as I would personally prefer. However I could not fault the meat content and quality, and despite the warning they have to give that game pies like this may contain bones, there was nothing of the sort - so a good job in preparation there! I will review them fully soon!

Venison and Pheasant Stanbury Wild Game Pie Review
Venison and Pheasant Pies from Stanbury Wild Game Pies

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