Friday 25 January 2019

A million thank yous to pie fans of the World!

At times like this, when you sit back and actually reflect on the pie-oneering work that we have done, as writers of the world's leading pie review blog, it can sometimes blow you away! Never in a million years would we have thought back in November 2009, when turned from a "funny idea" into a registered domain, that today we would be celebrating 1,000,000 page views! I'll pause there and say it again - ONE MILLION page views... to a website that pretty much only talks about pies!!!

#QueenOfPies Katie Peel
Photo Credit: Fabio @KazooPR @PukkaPies
But that is exactly what has happened! And it's only due to the loyal support of friends and family and the wider community of pie fanatics out there across the world! While most of our views have been from the UK and USA, there have been views from all over the world, including Australia, China, Canada and much of mainland Europe! Pies really are a world cuisine!

Of course you know how highly we regard the pie here on Pierate, having rated over 625 in the past nine years, but along the way it has been great to meet so many pie makers and other pie fans, whether via twitter or in person. And one of the biggest fans we’ve had the honour of meeting is Katie Peel aka @AwayDayPieGirl, who is a fellow pie blogger and has also judged with us at the British Pie Awards in Melton Mowbray. Katie even made the time to come down to one of our Pierate Pie Nights in Birmingham a few years ago and regularly joins us in a twitter conversation (or should we say pie debate!!)

#QueenOfPies Katie Peel
Photo Credit: Fabio @KazooPR @PukkaPies

Katie’s football pie blog #AwayDayPieGirl has traced the pies and lows of the National League North as she follows her team Telford United (a team we admittedly still need to get in our Pieremiership Table!) And get this, she even has her own branded pie fork!!! But her recent crowning moment was when she was crowned by Pukka Pies (who were celebrating their birthday) with the title Queen of Pies, after winning a social media vote for most passionate pie fan! It’s been great getting to know her, seeing her great voluntary work both with the football club she supports and beyond, and we look forward to seeing her again at the British Pie Awards this March, where we will officially bestow on her a new accolade – that of being an Honorary Pierateer! She joins an illustrious list of pie fans and pie makers who really do show their passion for pies and Katie has certainly demonstrated that! Well done Katie!!

Katie's Pie Fork!!!

It seems crazy to think that on the 4th July 2016 we were celebrating another impressive milestone being reached - that of us having had 500,000 pageviews! Less than three years on, we've had twice that number, and are delighted so many pie fans have been able to enjoy and benefit from our pie research! Our slogan has always been "We rate all the pies so you don't have to" and 1,000,000 page views down the line, it appears many of you enjoy our musings aboard the Pierate Ship and on twitter @pierateers! So... here's to the million pie views! So long, and thanks for all the pie views!!


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