Saturday 7 March 2015

British Pie Week 2015 - Day Six

So after the end of the #Pieathon challenge on Day Four of British Pie Week - where both Pierateers SJL and RAS were seeing how long they could last eating only pie - there was still no let up on the pie front! Pierateer RAS was still attempting the 50:50 pie challenge over the whole week, with at least one pie every day and at least 50% of his diet being pies. And going into Day Six they had a special trip to Southend-on-Sea to factor into their pie eating plans!

Whatever you do, go crazy for pie this British Pie Week! Enjoy!

British Pie Week 2015

If you wish to support us - and more importantly all those who benefit from the charity Action Against Hunger - this week in our Pie Challenges, then please join us in donating to the charity via our justgiving page. Thanks so much!

Pierateers RAS and SJL

Day Six saw Pierateers RAS and SJL going on a roadtrip down to sunny Southend-on-Sea in Essex for a football match and a chance to experience some sunny Southend pie!

Having had his first proper chocolate craving of the week, Pierateer RAS went for the unusual choice of a chocolate bar for breakfast but was saving up his ap-pie-tite for the BIG MATCH! Southend United were hosting Wycombe Wanderers in a top-of-League-Two clash, and while we had already reviewed the Pukka Pies Curry Pie from Southend's Roots Hall in 2014, we still tucked into the pies there again this year. Find out where the Southend United pie rated in our Pieremiership - Football Pie League.

Pierateer RAS went for a Pukka Pies Beef and Onion Pie, while Pierateer SJL went for the same Pukka Pies Chicken Balti pie he had reviewed at Roots Hall last year. Pierateer RAS did have chips with his pie - noted for the 50:50 pie diet challenge.

The evening meal gave us an op-pie-tunity for Pierateers RAS and SJL to try The Pipe of Port - a wine bar that specialises in pies on its food menu - which they had been recommended by residents of Southend via our Suggest-A-Pie feature.

While there we found out that there is an interesting relationship between The Pipe of Port and Fuud Ltd, a local company that make pies. The recipes are made held by The Pipe of Port but made in the pie factory operated by Fuud Ltd - an interesting combination we had not encountered before. However while Fuud Ltd make the fillings and do at times sell the pies fully encased (for example, we rated some Fuud pies last year), the pies are served in ceramic dishes as top-crusts in The Pipe of Port. This was a shame as we prefer fully encased in pastry pies, particularly having enjoyed the fully encased Fuud Ltd pies last year, but we will review them soon.

Pierateer RAS and SJL shared the pies, having half a Game Pie and half a Lamb, Rosemary and Garlic Pie each. Pierateer RAS had jacket potato with his halves of pie, meaning for the first time this week he ate more non-pies than pies that day.

Previous Total of PiesPrevious Total of Non-PiesPies that dayNon-Pies that dayNew Total of PiesNew Total of Non-PiesRatio (Pies to Non-Pies)
74% : 26%

There's only one day left now of British Pie Week 2015 - but fear not! We will be reviewing lots of the pies we've eaten over the coming few weeks. Pierate - the home of the pie review during British Pie Week and all year round!

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