Sunday 26 April 2020

2.6 Pieathlon Charity Challenge!

Pierate has a great tradition of stupid challenges from seeing how many days we can last eating only pies to making ridiculous and disgusting pie flavours. So it is on that theme that I have decided to do the 2.6 Pieathlon Charity Challenge.

Sunday 26th April would have been the London Marathon, the largest one day charity fundraising event in the world. Charities are missing out on a lot of funding but still have work to do and costs, hence the 2.6 challenge was created, to do fundraising events themed around the number 26 or 2.6 such as to run 2.6 km. I have come up with the 2.6 Pieathlon. Basically I have to eat 2.6 pies and then run 2.6km within 26 minutes. I will do this at 20.26 on Sunday 26th. I can normally run 2.6km comfortably in around 13 minutes. I estimate around 4-5 minutes to eat 2.6 pies so it should be fairly doable if I am able to run after eating that much pie, even if it is fairly slow. I really have no idea, I am normally pretty bad at running after eating and it is likely to be fairly uncomfortable and I might feel a bit sick! I will also try and record it on my phone which will limit my ability to run. The pies are Pukka Steak pies which we look on fairly fondly despite their mass produced nature but they are fairly heavy as pies go which will add to the difficulty.

If you fancy donating follow the link below, I will add the link to the video after the challenge is completed!


The challenge was successfully completed, with the addition of 2.6 glasses of milk and a top hat! See the video on Facebook.

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