Tuesday 23 March 2010

Are you a Piefectionist?

Tonight I have been most eating an All Steak Pukka Pie.

Everyone knows Pukka Pies, they are one of the most iconic brands of modern Britain. If you're partial to a pie from the chippy then you've almost certainly eaten one. "Calm down, we've all had a few, so why do you need to write a review?" I hear our loyal readers saying. The answer is simple. Never in the course of pie production has so much been owed by so many to so few. This family business sends out 50 million pies and pasties each year from 'the most modern pie production facility in Europe'. It is my duty as a true Pierateer to walk this familiar road once more for the sake of putting the record straight.

But enough of that, on with the review. As you can see from the piecture there is a good amount of filling in this Pukka Pie, they could've crammed in more but then it might have leaked so i'm not going to complain about that. It is of course not all steak. Ample amounts of a deliciously thick gravy has become something of a Pukka Pies trademark. There is a good amount of meat in there which was flavoursome but slightly too chewy. Then to my horror I realised that one of the pieces of meat was just a huge chunk of fat. To be fair though, I have never had this experience with a Pukka Pie before.

The pastry is very soggy which is possibly not the connoisseur's choice but it does actually taste alright. However it all adds to the slightly stodgy feel of Pukka Pies. I've tried eating more than one Pukka Pie at a time and its not the best experience, they're just too heavy.

Overall there is a reason why Pukka Pies are so popular. They are good middle of the road value for money pies. You also know exactly what to expect when you buy one. This was from Sainsbury's but it tasted identical to those sold in a chip shop. So unlike their adverts getting a Pukka Pie is a compromise but its like the compromise of buying a Ford instead of a Jaguar. You don't want to break the bank but you still need to get from A to P.

Colour 6/7
Consistency 6/7
Capacity 4/7
Chewiness 2/7
Cheapness 5/7
Content 4/7
Condition 5/7

Score: 4.6/7


  1. I think you've been extremely generous with your review and score. I recently bought a Pukka "All Steak" Pie assuming of course that it was ALL STEAK, well imagine my horror when I found it contained onions. Extremely disappointed and angry at this mis-selling, wrongfully naming and advertising a product like that, it should be called "Steak and Onion" NOT "All Steak". I am allergic to onions and it is becoming harder and harder to find pies or any other product that doesn't contain onions these days, seems most companies now are throwing it into their products as a cheap filler. an easy way to rip customers off by lowering ingredient costs. I would stay well away from anything sold by this company as we clearly cannot trust what we are buying.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Certainly not great if you have an onion allergy, but rarely does the name of a pie fully cover all ingredients (for example, presumably there was also gravy in your All Steak pie). Certainly wouldn't be my go-to pie but would happily eat another for the cost.

  2. Very tasty, nice gravy and love the pastry but is there a meat shortage in the UK? Sadly lacking.
    Doesn't compare to an Ozzie meat pie.

    1. We certainly love a good bit of meat in our pie on the Pierate ship - that helps it get a good 'capacity' score. If you're looking for a good meat filled pie, try Aussie chef Chris Brumby, who runs MyPie in London!


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