Wednesday 4 March 2015

Pie-athon Challenge - Who Can Eat All Pies?

You will have probably noticed that we are encouraging people to take up a #PiePledge this British Pie Week and we are certainly not shirking away from making #PiePledges of our own.

This year Pierateers RAS and SJL have committed to the Pie-athon #PiePledge. The idea is simple, it is a com-pie-tition to see who can eat ONLY PIES for the longest. How long will it be before the temptation of another food becomes too much?

See our blog updates from Day OneDay TwoDay Three and Day Four to see how we got on and the pies we consumed! The contest has finished and the results are below:

Pierateer RAS lasted 3 days and 14 hours (86 hours) in total before the craving for some spiral fries to accompany yet another pork pie became too much on Thursday lunchtime!

Pierateer SJL lasted 3 days and 12.5 hours (84.5 hours). Pierateer SJL had eaten 32 pies but started to feel a bit funny at lunch time on Thursday so threw in the towel with a sandwich.

Congratulations to the Pieathon Winner...

Pierateer RAS! 

This contest turned out to be extremely close with both contestants making it through half of the week. It has also helped set new records for the amount of pies consumed on the Pierate Ship, with a whopping 71 pies eaten between the two Pierateers in British Pie Week 2015!

If you have been entertained or impressed by our ridiculous antics then please support us by donating a bit of cash to Action Against Hunger by clicking here, who seem like a worthy charity to remember this British Pie Week. Square Pie are also raising money for Action Against Hunger, alongside the Princess Victoria Annual Pork Pie Off and the @BritPieWeek twitter feed.

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