Thursday 7 March 2013

British Pie Week - Day Four

SJL had set aside today as a day to try a pie experiment for British Pie Week. Rumours had circulated for some time on the Pierate Ship that such a creation might be possible but no one had actually seen one in the wild. The legendary Piezza. Half Pizza but all pie. A pie with pizza on top! Why not, it doesn't loose any of the pie goodness but has some additional tomato and cheese goodness on top. This was a vegetable and chicken pie with a pepper, onion and sweetcorn pizza on top. Have a look at the photos from this interesting experiment.

The naked filling and a cute pie funnel!
Pre-oven, from the top it could be pizza!

The depth gives away that there is a pie hidden under there!

Cross-section of the unusual mixture

SJL Pie Count Day Four: 1
SJL BPW Total: 14

Pierateer RAS was continuing his #piepledge of having a pie a day by steadily getting through his box of Morrisons Apple and Blackcurrant pies, with another two pies to kick start the day. A morning trip to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham for the Yonex All England Badminton Championships 2013 allowed RAS to see some world-class badminton, while also eating a Sainsbury’s crusty bake pork pie for lunch. A light workout on the Badminton practice court with Joshua and Anna in the afternoon was a welcome relief from the hard graft of pie eating without much exercise this week (the sacrifices of a Pierateer!)

Have Sainsbury’s earnt their crust?

As for the pie itself, the Sainsbury’s small bake pork pie was made with cured British pork, as you would generally expect from British supermarkets these days (especially following the Europe-wide meat scandal). The pastry was golden and solid, with no sogginess to report. Inside the filling capacity was very good, with no room for air like some rival supermarket’s equivalent pork pies of this type. The cured meat had a slight kick to it, generally not too gristly and overall a pretty decent standard pork pie. It’s not going to set the world alight, but it’s certainly earned its crust.

Sainsbury’s Small Crusty Bake Pork Pie
Score: 3.95/7 [RAS]

However, perhaps the most exciting pierate development of the day was the proposal for the pierate blog to be included on the volunteer newsletter of the Yonex All England Badminton Championships 2013. This can be viewed by hundreds of volunteers each day! I will keep you posted on whether gets a mention, but following the review of the NIA Apple Pie on Wednesday, I’m hopeful for a fruitful outcome. This is also in addition to some pierate merchandise being included in the volunteers prize draw on Saturday evening, as a thank you for the many amazing volunteers who give up their time to help at the Yonex All England Badminton Championships year after year! I’ll let you know how that goes to!

RAS Pie Count Day Four: 3
RAS BPW Total: 11

Day 4 of British Pie Week and TJP is yet again delving into his emergency supply of Mr Ks. This time, however, he provides the remaining four pies for his housemates to share. TJP's pie generosity means he only scores one pie today.

TJP Pie Count Day Four: 1
TJP BPW Total: 5

Day Four Total: 5
British Pie Week Total: 30

See where this pie ended up in the Pierate Pie Rankings or find other pies of a similar flavour.

Make sure you 
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