Monday 3 March 2014

Pierate Logo Pie to Kick off British Pie Week

With British Pie Week 2014 beginning – what more motivation do you need?! Grab a pie, make a pie, tweet your #PiePledge. Here’s some things you can do this British Pie Week!

You can see some of the events going on up and down the country on the British Pie Week Facebook page.
You can follow the Pierateers on Twitter and find out how their crazy #PiePledges are going!
You can read about pies.
You can choose a pie (we have 345 pies reviewed in our rankings table!)
Think up some puns for the Pie Dictionary!
You can suggest a pie you’ve enjoyed.

As for the Pierateers, well what a way to get ready for British Pie Week!

Nice Pie's Pierate Logo Pie - Pre-Cooking
Nice Pie's Pierate Logo Pie - Pre-Cooking

The Pierateers were given a real sur-pies when pie company Nice Pie announced that they were designing a Pierate Logo Pie! It sounded incredible and the proto-type logo pie looked amazing. Having only ever eaten normal coloured pastry*, the black coloured pastry with typical coloured pastry knife, fork and pie picture was incredible, as I am sure you’ll agree.

Of course this is a one-off pie, not commercially available, so we can’t give it a full rating for the rankings. However we can give some feedback and of course it has to start with the amazing design. It was a great honour to be sent this logo pie and we really appreciate the effort put in by Nice Pie. The black pastry really didn’t taste any different to other pastry we’ve eaten (in a blind taste test, we don’t think we would have been able to tell the difference), which is a real bow in their pie armoury!

The pastry knife, fork and pie picture browned well and were nice and crisp, though it was noted the black pastry below this top layer of pastry was a bit soft. Still edible and fine to eat, but not quite as nice due to pastry on pastry. The edges of the pie did get quite crisp and a few pieces of edge pastry did flake off, as they seemed a little drier, but the pastry in general was a great credit to the pie.

Nice Pie's Pierate Logo Pie - Post-Cooking
The content was packed full with tender meat, with quite a strong ale flavour which some Pierateers enjoyed but the overall consensus was it was a little strong. However the meat was so tender and packed in, even though the black pastry did seem to tinge the meat a slightly green colour in places. (It didn’t affect taste, just colour.) A slightly higher gravy content would have improved it a little but the meat couldn’t have been much better. All in all, while not certain on the price of this amazing one-off design, the pie would have rated at a strong mid-5 rating on the 7 Cs.

Nice Pie have once again done us proud and, while this pie was eaten slightly before the start of British Pie Week (so that Pierateers ARL, RAS, SJL and TJP could eat it together), it was a great start to the celebrations. We hope everyone has an equally great start to British Pie Week!

Go crazy for pie – in British Pie Week! Enjoy!

*It is noted that the Pierateers had eaten a Zebra pie from Nice Pie which had black pastry, but this was not the same as the pastry on this Pierate logo pie and was not really edible, so a credit to Nice Pie for developing this great black pie pastry.

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