Wednesday 5 March 2014

British Pie Week 2014 - Day Three

British Pie Week is a celebration of British Pies, which we on the Pierate Ship absolutely love! In our quest to eat and rate as many pies as we can get our hands on, we’re making a Pieary (Pie Diary) of all the pies we eat this British Pie Week. Some of these are included as part of our #PiePledge commitments, promoting and encouraging pie consumption.

Pierateer RAS

I cannot tell you how nice it was to wake up on Wednesday morning and not have to eat an apple pie! Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with apple pie for breakfast (I’ve done it many a time!) but for Day Two of British Pie Week, I had made a #PiePledge to only eat sweet pies for a day. Therefore after 2,580 kcal (just over my daily recommended calorie intake of 2,500 kcal) of nothing but sweet apple pie, my taste buds needed a change!

Nice Pie's Bison and Beer Pie
Nice Pie's Bison and Beer Pie

Up stepped the meaty Bison Pie we’d been given from Nice Pie. And quite a whopper it was! Certainly a sharing pie, at £5.50 this is good value for a pie for two and I ate half for my lunch and then the other half for my supper. Good flavour, lovely tender Bison meat and a very good pastry somehow holding all this meaty content in! The full review will be coming soon.

While Pierateer RAS is currently volunteering at the NIA in Birmingham at the All England Badminton Championships, he is of course still on the lookout for pies. Those who followed our British Pie Week exploits from 2013 will know the NIA caterers sometimes have pie on the menu and Pierateer RAS was delighted to see a Chicken and Leek pie on the menu today. He was less enthused when he saw it was a top crust but it did still taste quite nice.

Pierateer SJL


Pierateer TJP

- Pierateer TJP cooked and attempted to eat a python pie (as per his Pie Pledge). I say attempted, because I didn't get very far through the pie before gagging and having to down several glasses of water. You can read the full experience and how to not make a python pie here!
- He also rounded the day off with a delicious camel pie from Nice Pie. The review will be coming soon, but he was very impressed with the tenderness of the meat.

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