Sunday 9 March 2014

British Pie Week 2014 - Day Seven

British Pie Week is a celebration of British Pies, which we on the Pierate Ship absolutely love! In our quest to eat and rate as many pies as we can get our hands on, we’re making a Pieary (Pie Diary) of all the pies we eat this British Pie Week. Some of these are included as part of our #PiePledge commitments, promoting and encouraging pie consumption.

It’s been a great week of pie eating and we are delighted to reach another landmark during the week, as we reached 1,000 followers on twitter. Thanks pie fans! You can follow the Pierateers on twitter @pierateers

Pierateer RAS

The Pierateers were delighted to get the support of Tesco to rate some more pies this British Pie Week. They supplied a £15 pie voucher to spend over the coming few weeks. The pie eaten today to round off British Pie Week for me was the Tesco Steak and Ale Pie.

Tesco Steak and Ale Pie Review
Tesco Steak and Ale Pie

The Tesco Steak and Ale Pie cost £2.50 for two and are marketed as being made by expert pie makers in Lancashire. This pie is cooked from frozen. The shortcrust pastry was quite nice and crisp, a little dry but generally quite good. It held the contents of the pie well and the rich ale gravy was nice. The pastry was a bit pale, but the cracked black pepper on the lid did add a bit of flavour but was not overpowering.

The capacity of the pie was okay but could have been a lot better. The actual pieces of steak were however very nice and tender. Unfortunately some of the steak was quite chewy and one piece was very fatty and gristly, which is not what you want in your pie. There was a little bit of mushroom but not much. All in all, this was quite a small pie but was only £1.25 each. I would have liked a bigger, meatier pie but the flavours were nice.

Tesco Steak and Ale
Score: 4.57/7
[Colour 5, Capacity 4, Consistency 4.5, Condition 5, Chewiness 4, Cheapness 5.5, Content 4, Total: 4.57/7]

Pierateers SJL & ALE

Pierateer ALE fulfilled her #PiePledge by making an Apple, Sausage and Black Pudding Gluten Free pie. This pie also helped Pierateer SJL fulfil his #pie4everymeal #PiePledge, see it being made in the video.

Pierateer TJP

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