Monday 7 March 2016

British Pie Week 2016 - Pierateers #PiePledges

The countdown is over and British Pie Week is upon us! This week - from 7th to 13th March – we're joining with thousands of other pie fans in enjoying the pastry beauties that are the Great British Pie.

Apart from we're not quite like "other pie fans" in that we tend to go slightly beyond the call of duty when it comes to eating and rating pies! You may have read our British Pie Week article and know that in British Pie Week 2013 we ate 50 pies between the three of us and in British Pie Week 2014 we went even further and ate 55 pies - including making and trying a Python pie!

And we added even more to that number last year by eating 71 pies between two of us! This included a Pieathon challenge, where Sam and Rob both went three and a half days eating just pies and Rob's diet being made up of 66% pies during the week. And this year is no different, so keep reading for info on what us Pierateers are getting up to this British Pie Week!

British Pie Week Pie PledgeFirst and foremost, it is almost taken as a given that Pierateers RAS, SJL and TJP will all be eating at least one pie every day in British Pie Week - while rating as many of them as feasible this week too. In addition, all three of us will be heading to Melton Mowbray on Wednesday for the British Pie Awards 2016, with Tim and Rob judging and Sam providing the media coverage! But the Pierateers also have their own unique ways of celebrating British Pie Week as follows, which we've named our #PiePledge commitments to pie!

As well as taking the whole of British Pie Week off work and judging at the British Pie Awards, Pierateer RAS has committed to travelling to Wales and Scotland to rate some pies, and the plane has been booked for his flight back from Scotland so he can have "Pie In The Sky"!

Yes, for the first time Pierateer Rob will truly be putting the BRITISH in British Pie Week, travelling to all three countries that make up Great Britain in order to rate some new pies. On Monday he'll be heading to Cardiff for some Clark's Pies, made in Wales for over 100 years now! On Wednesday he'll join around a hundred other judges at the British Pie Awards in Melton Mowbray, central England. While on Thursday he'll be picking up the Scotch Pie World Champion from Kandy Bar in Scotland, before flying back to Birmingham in order to have "Pie in the Sky"!

Find out what the Pierateers commit to do during British Pie Week and how they get on by following the #PiePledge hashtag on Twitter this year!

Pierateer TJP has gone for quantity in his #PiePledge this year, perhaps feeling slightly guilty that he was over in Greece last British Pie Week and didn't get to contribute to the 71 pies eaten by the Pierateers last year! Here's Tim's pie pledge:

The pies won't be lacking for Pierateer SJL either, as he will be eating pies every day of British Pie Week too, although he's gone for the unusual challenge of eating a pie in a different way each day of the week! We eagerly look forward to the pie plans he has and if you have any suggestions of weird ways to eat a pie, do send us a tweet to @pierateers!!

Our Ship's Cook is planning to bake up a storm once again this year, following her amazing "Four course dinner pie" from last British Pie Week! This year she's going to be making a Great British Pierate Ship, using ingredients that Pierateer Rob will pick up from England, Scotland and Wales, plus a special ingredient from Ireland too! (Well, it's part of the British Isles!)

And Pierateer ARL - our vegetarian pierateer - is kindly being sent a six pack of Pieminister Vegetarian pies in order to rate and review their veggie range. One new addition to the Pieminister range this British Pie Week is a new pie created by Leah Shields called the "Saag Pie-neer". This Pea, Paneer, Spinach, Potato, Chilli and Mango pie was created as part of a com-pie-tition Pieminister recently ran to create a new pie for British Pie Week as part of their #TryAVegPie campaign.

We're looking forward to adding these pies to the 12 Pieminister Pie Reviews we've already rated!

More about the #PiePledge

In British Pie Week 2013 we introduced the #PiePledge as a way for pie eaters or pie makers to make pledges either before or during British Pie Week about what they are going to commit to do regarding pie. Find out more about what you could pledge to do this British Pie Week here.

We hope we’ve provided some ins-pie-ration for your to perhaps make a #PiePledge of your own! You can tweet your #PiePledge to @pierateers or leave a comment below - but more than anything, enjoy your pies in British Pie Week!

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