Sunday 8 March 2015

British Pie Week 2015 - Day Seven

As British Pie Week 2015 drew to a close, there was still plenty more op-pie-tunities for a pastry encased filling to be consumed in Southend-on-Sea, as Pierateer RAS looked to successfully complete the 50:50 pie challenge over the whole week, with at least one pie every day and at least 50% of his diet being pies, and Pierateer SJL looking to also complete his #PiePledge of at least one pie a day in British Pie Week.

We also eagerly awaited news from The Ship's Cook, who was planning a special reci-pie this British Pie Week, the identity of which was being kept a closely guarded secret! This would be unveiled as a potentially first ever Four Course Dinner Pie!

Whatever you've done, we hope you had a hap-pie British Pie Week!

British Pie Week 2015

If you wish to support us - and more importantly all those who benefit from the charity Action Against Hunger - this week in our Pie Challenges, then please join us in donating to the charity via our justgiving page. Thanks so much!

Pierateers RAS and SJL

As mentioned in Day Six, Pierateers RAS and SJL had been on a roadtrip and were now in sunny Southend-on-Sea in Essex for Saturday's football match and a chance to experience some sunny Southend pie!

With 65 pies having been consumed between Pierateers RAS and SJL in the first six days of British Pie Week 2015, it was still anyone's guess as to how many pies they would end up with by close of play at midnight on Sunday.

Both Pierateers had Mr Kipling Apple Pies to finish consuming, with Pierateer SJL having three between midnight and 10am, where as Pierateer RAS had a more modest one for breakfast. Having headed down to the seafront, it was time for a round of Adventure Golf and a stroll along the Southend seafront, before deciding upon which cafe to stop at for a seaside pie! We were pleased to see a number of options available, but eventually went for The Pier Arches Cafe, which as the name suggests is just under the pier arches of Southend Pier at the land end. What you may not realise is that Southend Pier is actually the longest pleasure pier in the world, at 1.34 miles!

Both Pierateers chose the steak pie from the menu without a moments hesitation and it tasted pretty good for a homemade tray pie. We had ensured that it was a fully encased pie before purchasing, after finding out after ordering the previous night that the pies they had ordered were just top crusts! The slice of pie was served with chips and veg. A short while later - after winning a couple of packs of Pirate (sadly not Pierate) playing cards on the 2p arcade machines - Pierateer RAS had a famous Rossi's ice cream before the lads set off on the journey home.

For the purposes of the 50:50 challenge, I also need to inform you that Pierateer RAS then had chicken nuggets and chips when he got home that evening to fill the hole, but this still meant another #PiePledge successfully completed, as he was left with a very impressive 67%:33% pie to non-pie ratio when it came to his British Pie Week diet.

Previous Total of PiesPrevious Total of Non-PiesPies that dayNon-Pies that dayNew Total of PiesNew Total of Non-PiesRatio (Pies to Non-Pies)
67% : 33%

Ship's Cook

Four Course Dinner Pie Review
Four Course Dinner Pie!
As mentioned at the top of this article, The Ship's Cook had been busy preparing for and baking a pie to enjoy as the final meal of British Pie Week. However this was no ordinary pie recipe! This was a homemade recipe and involved encasing four different meal courses into one amazing pie, completed with different filling compartments! It has to be seen to be believed, so I'd recommend going straight to the article right now to see it!

Click here for the Four Course Dinner Pie recipe review!

So there we have it - 71 pies eaten by Pierateers RAS and SJL alone, with a fantastic new reci-pie by The Ship's Cook to round it all off! Of course while British Pie Week may have now officially ended, we at Pierate HQ will be busy reviewing lots of the pies we've eaten over the coming few weeks. Pierate really is the home of the pie review during British Pie Week and all year round!

The only thing that remains for us to say this British Pie Week 2015 is thank you for joining us and remember - pies are for life, not just for Pie Week!

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