Sunday 1 December 2013

The 12 Pies of Christmas - Trailer

The Pierateers have now recorded a music video called the '12 Pies of Christmas' - our own take on the much loved Christmas classic the '12 Days of Christmas'.

Of course, as you'd expect, everything that "the Pierateers ate for tea" involves eating pie, pie and more pie! No sur-pies there then!

As you may have guessed, there are 12 Christmas pies featured in the final video – either Turkey Pies or Mince Pies. These will also be rated on the Pierate blog – the home of the pie review!

Companies whose pies will feature in the full video include Paul’s Pies Christmas Turkey Pie (the company currently holding the highest rated pie on our pie rankings with their Steak and Guinness Pie), Sweeney and Todd’s Pie Shop in Reading with their Christmas Turkey Pie and mince pies from Mr Kipling – who provided boxes of mince pies to us as a present for our 4th Birthday!

The following trailer builds up to the first day of Christmas, but please note this was my first brief effort on Adobe’s new video making software and I certainly improved the video a lot for the final version!

As well as the trailer, here’s a sneak peak of a few images that feature in the final video. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas everybody! (Well, it is December now...)

12 POC video
Feel free to use the hashtag #12POC when tweeting about the video!
Lidl Mince Pies
...11 Award Winning Lidl's... (review coming soon!)

Mr Kipling Mince Pies outside the Colosseum... When In Rome

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